Welcome to Dancing Foods


Dance and food have always been important components of the Greek culture. Both have the power to transform your mood and health. We are firm believers of the Ancient Greek saying “nous egein et somaton egeis,” a “healthy body is a healthy mind”. Food is medicine, and we make it our mission to discover high-quality, local foods and ingredients that are handed down generation after generation for their purity and health benefits. And that’s how we got our name.

We are a woman-run company dedicated to empowering other women-run businesses from around the world by sharing their unique products with you. Many of the women owners we work with have received their farms as part of a dowry, passed down over multiple generations. They have a profound love of their land and a deep-seated passion for the treasures it produces.

Each family’s ancient groves and farms produce wholesome foods with a deliciousness and freshness that can only come from a family-owned and operated farm. Spreading the word on these hidden treasures is our way of encouraging innovation and empowering women, especially in communities where such opportunity didn’t exist before.

In our search, we’ve discovered that by working directly with small, women-run businesses we can be confident in the quality of our products. These high quality foods are a direct result of passion, deep-rooted history and limited production. Each and every ounce or drop of what we offer is packaged individually with love and care, directly from the source. We’re thrilled to share these women’s stories--and passions--with you.

Warmest wishes and healthy living,